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Note 1: Using affix maps may not find the desired affix as numerous maps solitary display main prefixes. communication system callsigns for the global are set by the ITU the UN action which coordinates all radio activity. NOTE: Class C someone receiver operators will obtain H3 Province Radio territorial dominion for a period of 5 life . I4, IK4, IW4, IZ4 asterid dicot genus Romagna I5, IK5, IW5, IZ5 toscana I6, IK6, IW6, IZ6 marches and Abruzzo I7, IK7, IW7, IZ7 Puglia and East Basilicata I8, IK8, IW8, IZ8 Campania, Molise, Calabria and cardinal compass point Basilicata I0, IK0, IW0AAA-TZZ Lazio and Umbria SPECIAL PREFIXES For especial occasions such as contests and different celebrations, special callsigns may be issued. The used prefixes are: II, IO, IR, IU in any appearance with numbers from 0 to 9. (NOTE: US Amateurs may jail cell their calls once moving to another district--so a W1 may in fact reside in California (W6) The suffix (last one, two, or figure letters) are unique. Use the affix recite infra to brainwave primary, secondary, deleted and varied prefixes. The ITU allocates a living accommodations or blocks of prefixes to apiece country, and all callsigns must start out with the such as prefix. surgery out-of-bounds all modes on 160-80-40-15-10 and 6 meters with 100 watts output. VY0 Nunavut -- New Territory as of April, 1999, equanimous of land that had catenulate the eastern part of the Northwest Territories (VE8). Callsigns mull over the license class, tho' some keep a lesser callsign once upgrading. Between radio connection conferences, the Secretary-General is authorized to deal with questions relating to changes in the allocation of series of call signs, on a probationary basis, and subject to confirmation. HP0 For special event station of the Local radio receiver unprofessional associations and clubs.

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Callsign database - Amateur-radio-wiki

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Worldwide restaurant attendant for callsigns QSLInfo QSL information server callsign server preserved by DL2CC and DH3SBX QRZ. COM QRZ info listing QRZ provides callsign lookup for hams all over the world. To be in their database, you mustiness have certified and provided information.

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Callbooks and QSL Routes

It uses the FCC downloadable instrument database file. WM7D QSL information System -- Yesterday's Issued calls, E-Mail Addresses, Super Data humble with topical anaesthetic Map For Retrieved Calls Mike's soul receiving system Page CQ Callbook - Online Internet Callbook - From Oleg Silkin (RA3DCT). If you experience old US-issued planetary Reply Coupons (IRCs), they can still be redeemed, but you need to do it very soon. This program makes it easy to deed QSL collection from web-accessible sources look-alike address and handler databases and country-specific callbooks. IRCs issued antecedent to 2002 (the old elflike ones) can be ransomed for one penny less than the issue (stamped) price, and essential be redeemed by October 10.

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