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This antenna was reinforced at the height of the frore war to go for HF communications with the behemoth Missle Base at the same site. It exhibits a 2:1 or best SWR on any of the ham bands between 5 and 30 MHz. The discone transmitting aerial is now well-kept by the light-green depression Amateur Radio baseball club Any licensed ham may use the antenna. My travel to to this RF monster was during the Area 7 QSO social gathering May 3, 2008 Go to the frontal desk at the missle museum, sign the log and show them a copy of your ham license.

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Ham Radio Operators | Titan Missile Museum : Titan Missile Museum

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Ham radio receiver Operators, you can now send and heed on the discone feeler at the giant Missile Museum. once the Titan II 571-7 became operational in 1963, its communication system included a large, broadband discone antenna that is still permanent today. Built by william wilkie collins Radio Company, the antenna is 80 feet in height and has a large crown, enabling it to run signals across a countrywide tract of frequencies.

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My Beef with Ham Radio | Hackaday

My amateur radio receiver travelling began hindmost in the mid-1970s. I was around 12 at the time, with an fixed charge in electronics that confused my parents. With half-size to guide me and fear for my living as I routinely explored the internal organ of the TVs and radios in the house, they turned to the kindly sr. manservant decussate the street from us, Mr. He had the traditional business wit of the suburban ham — a gigantic beam antenna on a 60′ mast in the grounds – so they patterned he could act as a mentor to me. Brown tutored me a lot around electronics, and identical most got me far enough on to take the test for my beginner class license.

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