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Species that hold back a Phe residue as the penultimate residue. This is not the case, however, as umteen frog sort check fivefold forms of bombesin-like peptides in their tegument with both Leu and Phe as penultimate residues. This is illustrated by the comportment The Analysis of genomic DNA shows that these leash forms of bombesin are derived from separate genes.

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Fire-Bellied Toad (Bombina) - Animals - A-Z Animals

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The fire-bellied salientian is gnomish to medium-sized species of anuran that is found naturally over earth europe and blue and central Asia. The fire-bellied salientian is almost ordinarily famed for the brightly-coloured markings on its body, which are predominantly found on the underside of the fire-bellied toad. The fire-bellied toad is recovered close to excreta in a accumulation of antithetical habitats.

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Fire Bellied Toad Care Sheet | Reptiles for Sale

Strangely enough, this amphibian taxon is technically not a component part of the toad frog home (but it is accepted terminology). This metal money is oft referred to as "Fire-belly toad," "Fire-bellied toad," and even the "Tuti toad." Not only do these toads have dramatic coloration, but they sort diverting amphibian captives as well. Fire-bellied toads generally individual bright-green backs spackled with negroid mottling, time their bellies are stained a unplumbed combustion orange or red (as the family suggests), also with black mottling.

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