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Didn't take the body-building personification durable to attack and ruin another thread with their juiced-up, hairless, orangey-brown weirdos. If this is your opinion of hot, you mustiness get revolved on by bulk size bags of kine arrhythmic at Costco. value, but I wish we had a divided "bodybuilding fans" area of DL, so that the rest of us who are involved in people who ambiance same human beings could experience this topographic point in peace. (BTW, if you can chassis out its mussy interface, thither are thousands of gorgeous, muscular inhabitant men on social networking situation Weibo - mostly Chinese. It seems like-minded it's as well become a sort of semi-formal agora for aspiring Chinese models/exhibitionists. Get the Google Translate expansion for plate and navigating the site becomes a lot easier.)Okay, I know I'm going to get in exertion for this, but has anyone else noticed that continent guys - in indiscriminate - have REALLY nicely developed calves?

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Props to theword for the tip: If you’re in a status for more faggotry, here’s a video of an ass muncher filmed by an ass muncher who cognitive content he found a vibrator big enough to fit snuggly into his goatse ass but it turned out being an IED: Google is deletion admittance to our videos. You click on the link with Hard Ons, so you’re getting hard ons. If you want to see more brain dead men with hard ons, you can exploit them among the tsunami victims. The one attribute they all have in common are those blinking hard-ons.

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