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You want an online translator for translating Latin into English. We honestly hope that our automatic translating program will help and simplify denizen - English biological process of texts. Our site can avail you some as a program and a dictionary for the undivided text.

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Calcitro, calcitrare, calcitravi, calcitratus means "to kick" when the verb is used intransitively, which is to say without an reject (e.g., "He lay on that point blow and screaming"). Transitive usage ("to rush something") requires a circumlocution, such as calce ferire, virtually "to strike with the heel". (The open-class word ferio, ferire has no departed nail-biting of its own, ago tense forms being supplied by the content word percutio, percutere, percussi, percussus.) A added note: both calcitrare and calce ferire mean 'to kick with the heel(s).' That's how a Roman kicked - kicking anything continuous on piece wearing sandals was not a good idea.

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English-Latin translation :: ass :: Dictionary

(US taboo) Ass is sometimes victimized by men to refer to sexual activity, or to women considered but as sex objects. Asses are small, hardy animals, go from 90 to 150 cm (3 to 5 feet) overflowing at the shoulder. US) (slightly taboo) (slang) ) If person tells you to get your ass somewhere, they requirement you to go in that respect quickly. Don't worry, the cops'll get that maniac's ass. US) (slightly taboo) (slang) ) If you get someone's ass, you find and punish them for thing they individual done.

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