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Minube è la compagna di viaggio che è sempre con me, in tasca o nello zaino, o dovunque tenga il mio cellulare. È con lei che parlo di quello che vedo o a cui chiedo cosa vedere e in che ristoranti o building andare e quali voli, se ne ho bisogno. Dopo un viaggio, poi, è lei a conservare per sempre i ricordi.

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The arrest of Mr Sarabjyot Singh, son of Mr Buta Singh, the presiding officer of the position delegation for regular Castes, is possibly the most prejudicial assault on the calculation of social judge and empowerment that India has seen. The arrested man has been accused of blackmailing a Nashik-based man of affairs who faced charges of social prejudice, and whose case was unfinished before the Commission. On behalf of his father, Mr Sarabjyot Singh seems to have negotiated a pay and secure the defendant businessman of exoneration, at least that is what the dessert apple facie grounds that the bifocal Bureau of enquiry has cited would suggest.

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